Have You Ever Been Called a Dummy in School?

Have you ever had anyone call you a dummy or tell you that you were stupid? If so, it is not a good feeling. Competition can be brutal. I am not talking about games where there are clear winners and losers for each match, and you can be a winner today, a loser tomorrow and a winner again the next day. I am talking about academics. As a child I had a hard time with math. Now our son is having a hard time with physics. We did not hesitate and got him A Level physics tuition instruction right away.

He came home upset and went straight to his room after school one day. He said that a girl who is in the upper echelon of the peer ranking in school said out loud to the class that he was stupid when he did not know the answer to a physics question the teacher posed to him. He said that if that wasn’t bad enough, he saw the teacher crack a slight smile when the girl made her comment just before the teacher feigned a harsh admonishment to the girl. What actually made it worse was that he had a teenage crush on the girl, and now all of his imaginings of asking her out one day were dashed.

When we sent him to the A Level physics tuition program, he was nervous. His first class came with a surprise. The girl who said he was stupid was part of the class! He said her face turned red and she would not even look at him. However, there was another girl there who was in the class when he was called stupid, and they really hit it off. Not only did the both of them improve their grades by two full letter grades in physics, they are now inseparable. The other girl even apologized for her comment, but our son’s teenage crush was now on the much better choice for a girlfriend.