I Got a Great New Job

Obviously I knew that things were going down hill with the last job. The rumors were every place. You would go into work and people would tell you they had heard that the boss was about to flee the country. That really would not have been a bad idea for him, because he had mismanaged things so badly and crossed the line to a felony. At any rate I started looking for a new job a long time ago and eventually I found something in New Mexico. I just moved into some nice apartments in Rio Rancho, entirely because this guy at work was telling me that the place was overrun with pretty college girls. I scouted the place out on a warm Saturday afternoon and what he told me was absolutely true. One of them ran straight into me while playing around with her friends, I was happy to introduce myself to all of them.

In fact the job pays me pretty well and I really like all of the people there. They need people with the skills that I have and they seem to be determined to make me as content as they possibly can. It pays me very well and so far the weather down here has been really nice. This area is apparently not as hot as it is other parts of the state, because of the altitude. It gets cold at night, but so far there have been no lack of girls sunning themselves by the pool even though it is the middle of December. I have been meeting girls at that apartment complex very easily. One of them will invite me to a party and there you find a couple dozen more girls. As you can imagine I am pretty happy with the turn of events.