A Very Temporary Storage Unit

When my daughter and her husband separated, we knew they were going to be able to work everything out. They did not agree, and she even went as far as asking if she could move back home. She wanted to bring all her things back home too, which would have been a long haul since we are nearly three hours away. Instead, we made a deal with her. We had been looking a facility that does storage in Red Deer, which is where they live. She told us how many boxes she had, and we looked at units that would fit everything that she wanted to bring back home with her.

We told her that we believed they would be able to work things out. We offered to pay for the storage unit and move her back home, if she would only consider the possibility that this could be worked out. It was not over infidelity or anything like that. It was just poor financial decisions, and it was making their lives harder than what they should have been. She did agree to that, which indicated to both of us that she did indeed want to work it out with her husband.

My wife and I drove up there to where they live and helped her move everything into the storage unit, then we went out to dinner. She told us more about what was going on, and we could see that there was blame on both sides of this. We told her that the storage unit could be paid for month to month, and we were willing to keep her things there as long as she needed. It turned out that it was not even a full month because they ended up missing each other too much once they were three hours apart!