A Very Temporary Storage Unit

When my daughter and her husband separated, we knew they were going to be able to work everything out. They did not agree, and she even went as far as asking if she could move back home. She wanted to bring all her things back home too, which would have been a long haul since we are nearly three hours away. Instead, we made a deal with her. We had been looking a facility that does storage in Red Deer, which is where they live. She told us how many boxes she had, and we looked at units that would fit everything that she wanted to bring back home with her.

We told her that we believed they would be able to work things out. Continue reading


When Your AC Units Are Bigger Than a Motorhome

If you own commercial or industrial property, you know that the stuff needed in your buildings to support human beings that work in them is bigger than the stuff used in homes. It can also be older. The term “legacy” is used to describe older HVAC equipment. It is a polite way of saying old. Sometimes older than dirt. There are industrial AC systems where each unit is as big as a Class A motorhome. Working in HVAC repair in NYC, I have seen a lot of old stuff in buildings still being used. The longevity of a system is attributable to its original quality and its maintenance. In New York we have hot summers and cold winters. We can get torrential rains and blizzards that dump feet of snow. It is humid in the summer and dry in the winter. That is a lot for any HVAC system to handle. I am surprised that they last as long as they do. Continue reading


Have You Ever Been Called a Dummy in School?

Have you ever had anyone call you a dummy or tell you that you were stupid? If so, it is not a good feeling. Competition can be brutal. I am not talking about games where there are clear winners and losers for each match, and you can be a winner today, a loser tomorrow and a winner again the next day. I am talking about academics. As a child I had a hard time with math. Now our son is having a hard time with physics. We did not hesitate and got him A Level physics tuition instruction right away.

He came home upset and went straight to his room after school one day. He said that a girl who is in the upper echelon of the peer ranking in school said out loud to the class that he was stupid when he did not know the answer to a physics question the teacher posed to him. He said that if that wasn’t bad enough, he saw the teacher crack a slight smile when the girl made her comment just before the teacher feigned a harsh admonishment to the girl. What actually made it worse was that he had a teenage crush on the girl, and now all of his imaginings of asking her out one day were dashed. Continue reading


Finally Using the Internet to Make Money

I have been looking to earn money on the internet. I first started using the internet over twenty years ago when I was talking to people on the telenet system, before there was even American Online to talk to others. It used to be just a lot of letters and code and I do not know to this day where I learned to use it. I wanted to get a following on my account so I looked to buy real Instagram followers for my new company. I had a small clothing company and it was my job to get the word out on my new brand, and the people who invested in my company were counting on me. Continue reading


Having Someone Clean My Condo is a Blessing

I have no ideas when my schedule became so chaotic. It just seemed to happen over time, so it crept upon me. I used to have time to do everything that needed to be done, and I still had time left over for leisure activities. Since I was promoted at my job, the work has just been piling on to where I have very little time for anything. I knew something had to give, because I was tired of being too tired to do my own housework. I did a search online for house cleaning in Singapore, figuring that was at least an easy problem to solve.

My condo is pretty clean as it is since I am not home a lot except to sleep, but that does not mean it does not need regular cleaning done. I know there are some people who don’t like others to do that for them, but thankfully I am not one of them. Continue reading


I Got a Great New Job

Obviously I knew that things were going down hill with the last job. The rumors were every place. You would go into work and people would tell you they had heard that the boss was about to flee the country. That really would not have been a bad idea for him, because he had mismanaged things so badly and crossed the line to a felony. At any rate I started looking for a new job a long time ago and eventually I found something in New Mexico. I just moved into some nice apartments in Rio Rancho, entirely because this guy at work was telling me that the place was overrun with pretty college girls. I scouted the place out on a warm Saturday afternoon and what he told me was absolutely true. Continue reading


Finding the Right Aesthetic Medical Clinic

There are a variety of problems that can arise in a given year that affect your skin more than normal. At times they are easy to treat using creams and treatments you already own or have used before, but there can also be the kind of skin problems that require more attention. For many, visiting the dermatologist can seem a bit extreme for something cosmetic, but they are open to seeing an aesthetician. Visiting an aesthetic medical clinic is a great option for some of the more minor dermatological issues one might get that you want to get attention for because they are causing you to feel cautious about how you look.

Aetheticians can help with a wide variety of issues from acne, scars, managing oily or dry skin, and puffy eyes. Continue reading


The Best Snapchat Hack on the Internet

Want to find the best snapchat hack? You can spy on your friends, loved ones, or even your enemies to see exactly what they’re up to. This service is completely free and allows you to have access to viewing their account in minutes. All you have to do is enter the name of the person you want to spy on and let us do the rest. If you are a parent, it may be a good idea to use this service so that you can see what your kids are up to and make sure thay are staying out of trouble. Continue reading


Natural Disasters Raise Data Recovery Awareness

Technology v Nature. The fight still continues without any clear winners. Nature’s fury occasionally reminds us of how easily it can overwhelm all that modern technology has to offer, but indomitable man just goes back to the drawing board to come up with an improved solution.
The tremendous advances in data storage technology have been taken for granted by most users for whom the phenomenal growth in storage capacity can hardly keep pace with their appetite for more and more data. At the same time, the high-tech world of computers gives the users a false feeling of invincibility. While data storage devices have become more robust than in the past, the sheer numbers have made data disasters more common than ever before. There are many reasons why hard disk drives and other data storage devices can – and do – fail.
When Mother Nature strikes, as with the recent tsunami that ravaged half the earth or the winter storms that gripped much of North America, it is big news. While loss of life is truly irreplaceable, these disasters affect many other aspects of life. At times like these, there is a heightened awareness about data loss and data recovery. “But the single biggest culprit in data loss is human error,” claims Allison Beckley, VP (Customer Service) at Disk Doctor Labs, Inc., one of the pioneers of data recovery. “And a close second is the inherent limitations of the data storage technology itself,” adds Tariq Aslam, the CEO of Disk Doctors. It can happen anytime, anywhere, and to anybody. If you deal with data extensively, the odds are you will suffer data loss sooner or later. The important thing is being able to cope with it. And different types of users need to have different strategies for safeguarding their data. A high school student who uses his PC for gaming and the occasional term project cannot be expected to have UPS, tape back-ups and RAID systems. On the other hand, a bank cannot feel complacent that it has protected its database by installing the latest anti-virus software and anything else is overkill. The user profile, the data criticality, available budget and resources all impact the data protection strategy. However, these are some general tips Disk Doctors has for avoiding and surviving data loss:
 Make a regular back-up of all your important data (including laptop drives)
 Test your back-ups regularly (especially if it is a tape back-up)
 Carry laptops in padded cases
 If it is mission critical business data, store it on RAID systems
 Use power surge protectors, and UPS systems for critical data
 Use regularly updated anti-virus software
 Restrict unauthorized access
 If you experience problems with your drive, move the data to another drive; don’t take any chances unless your data is worth less than the cost of a new drive
 If you still lose the data, do not panic; seek professional advice
 Data recovery is a specialized field, and not every computer technician can retrieve data
 If the data is critical, or if the drive makes unusual noises do not try DIY solutions
 When you shop around for a data recovery company, don’t consider the recovery charges only
 Look at the company experience, expertise, locations, facilities, testimonials, etc.
 You should not have to pay an up-front diagnostic fee, or pay for any hidden extras over the quoted price, or pay for the ‘effort’ if you did not get your data